CDT2379 Elm Wood Dining Table 2.4m - Rustic Natural

DT2379 | Calibre Furniture


  • Unique and individually hand crafted from recycled timber
  • Rustic natural oak colour
  • Evenly finished with raw wood aesthetic
  • Firm ELM construction making them incredibly durable
  • Total weight of approximately 65KG
  • Note: The timber used in this range is recycled elm timber. The table's are hand made and have been prepared to give the table top a unique finish. The table will naturally have distinctive characteristics such as cracks, splits and imperfections, which are then filled and evened out using square timber fillings where required for single piece table tops. The raw and rustic features should be appreciated as part of the look and are not manufacture defects. As such, this product is not suitable for outdoor use.
240cm (L) x 100cm (W) x 78cm (H)

Based in Melbourne

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